Alter, Repair & Mend

At Top Quality Stitch we pride ourselves on being the first garment alteration retail outlets to appear on the high street. Our success has been built on quality and speed of service, convenient locations and competitive pricing. All of this, along with our modern hi-tech tracking system allows us to provide a service that guarantees 100% customer satisfaction every time.

Express Service
At Top Quality Stitch we have listened to what our customers are saying and in direct response we have launched our 1 hr express service for minor repairs, zips and hems.

Curtain alteration
Fashion designer curtain alteration service will give your curtains a professional made - to measure finish. By altering the length - drop of your curtains. All curtain alterations will be carried out using the original hem style This normally means that all finishing will be completed using invisible hand stitching

Should you require further information regarding our curtain alteration service please feel free to contact us by Tel: 01455324658 Mob: 07847486780 

Do you have a lots of old loved cloths in your wardrobe or handed down to you or that do not fit ? Bring them to us and our staff can remodel them



My services

With my Private Fittings services, each client’s measurements, style preferences, and wardrobe needs are integrated with great detail into a unique set of designs. Working with the finest materials, I hand cut, sew, and finish garments so they’ll fit right, look great, and wear well for any business or social occasion. Every stitch is perfect, and everyone will notice the Top Quality Stitch difference.



Wear your outfits with confidence. Who can deny the allure and appeal of someone well dressed in a perfectly tailored outfit? When custom made and properly fitted by king's Lynn Stitch&fit, your clothing will make heads turn. My Style Consultations services are just what you need to show the world the essence of your personal style.